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Software & Hardware Prototyping

Jumpstart your project with a prototype.

A new product idea often leaves its creators wondering how the product will work and feel in real-world use. When these creators are finally able to get their hands on a prototype, their questions are cleared up and their visions become greatly refined.

Rapid prototype development is extremely valuable to the success of a project. A prototype provides founders, engineers, and developers with the opportunity to test the product and gather helpful data and feedback to further guide the direction of the project.

MTech Solutions creates functional and actionable prototypes of your software or hardware idea, followed with recommendations for how the project can progress into the future. Companies and founders across all markets can benefit from aligning their ideas and visions with a rapidly-made, physical prototype.

The prototyping process typically involves:
  • Defining key product goals
  • Qualifying features within market scope
  • Outlining timeline and deliverables
  • Collaborative development
  • Documenting functionality and operations
  • Applications and next-steps report

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