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Dambulla (BLE) Guide System


Dambulla is a large city located in central Sri Lanka. It is known for its huge cave temple complex, a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site. When visiting famous landmarks like these, we often would like to know more about what we’re looking at. Technology can be used to accomplish this and add an exciting aspect to the experience.

Project goals:

The client wished to develop an app that would provide helpful information and media to visitors of Dambulla. Accessing content for each point of interest needed to be fun and easy. The MTech Solutions team decided a great way to do this would be using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.


With a cultural look and support for multiple languages, we designed the Dambulla app to promote learning and exploration. Using proximity sensors and BLE, the app recognizes when you are near a point of interest. At each point of interest, the app will automatically show you more information about the landmark as well as video or audio. Using this app, people can further explore the town of Dambulla and learn more about what they see.