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If you run a law firm, there is a lot of information to keep track of in your practice. The client came to us with a desire to mediate this time-consuming case management process that comes with being a lawyer.

Project goals:

The aim of this project was to create SAAS product, specifically targeted for lawyers in India, that would ease the strain of running a law office. The solution must encompass an entire suite of case management tools, tailored to Indian law practice.


The MTech Solutions team created hybrid mobile and web solution. The product includes all features one needs to run an organized law practice in India. Each case is tracked individually. Users can conduct research, searching all historical documents and judgments related to their cases. They can manage their accounting by tracking billable hours, running invoices, and completing payments. They can also manage email, documents, tasks, notes, schedules, contacts, and more, all inside one application. Each firm can add additional staff and adjust account settings to their preferences. CasePocket enables lawyers to efficiently manage and grow their law firms.