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Inventory management system.


Moving a lot of product through different channels can make it difficult to track inventory. The client needed a system to quickly track and manage inventory moving through both back-of-house shipping and front-of-house retail.

Project goals:

  • Track outbound shipments, inbound deliveries, & POS sales
  • Integrate front-of-house and back-of-house inventory management
  • Assist with reordering inventory as necessary
  • Be controlled through an attractive digital interface


MTech Solutions came up with a system of three devices: a handheld Android device scanner, a standing Android device tablet with wireless scanner, and a headless item scanner. The handheld Android device scanner sits in the shipping and receiving section of the business. It scans received boxes and items. The Android device tablet with wireless scanner goes at the front desk/cashier’s section and is used as POS terminal. The headless scanners are scattered throughout the working area. Whenever products are taken to be shipped, employees can simply scan them using headless scanners mounted to the walls. When items are purchased at the front desk, the cashier scans them before selling.

To tie it all together, we built a clean and user-friendly app that allows workers to add new products, place new orders, and manage current inventory. An algorithm is included to suggest when the business should order more inventory to keep up with demand. All in all, the REBOOT system effectively saves time and increases efficiency in the workplace.